Meet Liv Hettinga


Your newest third wheel and elopement guide.

Buuuuut, my name is actually pronounced “leave"

I guide the goofy lovers on epic adventures. Think of me as your tour guide with a camera bag! I’m your wedding day hype girl, your new BFF + adventurous photographer all wrapped up together. I also give you all the tips and tricks for planning your wedding day, the best hiking trails for your engagement session, and a playlist of killer songs for us to dance around to. Basically, I’m saying I gotchu!

I love our earth and am passionate about leaving no trace behind, especially because I spend so much time in the most beautiful spots in the world and want to keep them that way. I come alive in God’s beautiful creation and LOVE documenting my couples' love stories in the fresh mountain air. I am located in Calgary and travel all around Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan, but also worldwide so no location is off limits!

OOO, that's me!! 

My name is Liv, and it is SO great to meet you!

I'm not the photographer for everyone but I am the photographer for those who...

connect with the earth.

1    6

love the feel of dirt between their toes + ocean salt on their faces.

2    6

know that life is made of small moments with big impact.

3    6

live in the moment but want to hold on to the memories they create.

4    6

The roamers, dreamers, hill trekkers, mountain climbers + wave divers.

5    6

The ones who want to give back to this world even more than they take.

6    6

I converted a minivan into a camper and love to take it on long road trips through Canada and America. 

1           8

I love traveling and have been to every continent (except Antarctica). 

2           8

I drink a smoothie for breakfast almost every day.

3           8

The mountains are where I feel most alive.

4           8

I love to conquer my fears and do wild things like jump out of an airplane in Australia. 

5           8

I'm a 6w7 on the enneagram.

6           8

In grade 7 I was voted most likely to be a missionary and I still feel that calling on my life. 

7           8

I have a dog named Garth and he is a corgi golden retriever mix.

8           8


It is always my purpose to be a light for His kingdom. Jesus loves people and I want to share His love with everyone I interact with. I want all of my couples to know that they have value and I’m here to serve them to my fullest extent. Every single person has something to offer the world and I want to show them that. I want to bring out the gold in people. My love for Jesus guides me in all that I do. The way I capture your love, the experience I give you and the friendship we create is all because of the gifts God has given me and the love he has shown me.

Everything I do is based out of my faith + love for Jesus.

From capturing memories for my couples to showing others their value and worth, I surround myself with His love and guide my business and life by His light. 

A portion of every dollar you pay is donated to missionaries + organizations working around the world to spread the love of Jesus and end poverty. This is super close to my heart as I’ve been to Bolivia, India + Nepal for mission trips, all of which changed me for the better. I knew that this was something I had to incorporate into my business + that the couples who worked with me would find it important to give back as much as possible!

I believe in giving back.

I truly care about you + the experience I serve you with. 

I am passionate about making you feel welcomed + invited before you ever step in front of my camera. I truly care about you and the experience I serve you with. This isn’t going to be a one sided awkward encounter, I PROMISE. I help my couples stay focused on each other throughout the whole process + most of all, have a ton of fun together! I show up for all of my couples to give them the best experience, so that when they walk away they think “Wow, that didn’t even feel like taking photos!” 

I focus on capturing emotions, feelings + memories over stiff + awkward poses. 

Instead of worrying about how you’ll look in photos, you’ll be laughing, dancing + kissing naturally. The windswept hair in your face + the crinkles in your nose from laughing show the REAL moments. Those create the golden magic. When you are showing up as your raw, quirky + natural selves. The best way to do that is to have you in your natural habitat. My sessions are typically like dates! You want to hike in the mountains + hammock in your favorite spot? How about having a picnic + then ending with a swim in a crystal clear lake? Those are the things we are going to do during your photos! With your third wheel (hey, that’s me!). Wherever your adventure takes you, it’s my pleasure to join.

My Approach

This is about so much more than just photos.




Our session with Liv was everything we could have ever wanted and more! It was fun and adventurous just how we envisioned it. Liv encouraged us to be ourselves and it really shows in the beautiful, raw photos she captured. Looking through our gallery for the first time gave us goosebumps! So many smiles and warm fuzzy feelings as we flipped through all the pictures. These are pictures that we will forever look back on and I cannot thank Liv enough for the moments she captured!

Looking through our gallery for the first time gave us goosebumps!

 -Nakia & Fabian

Think we're a good fit?

I can't wait to third wheel you and create some beautiful, golden magic together!