Choosing an Elopement Date

You’ve decided to elope! I’m so excited to see you prioritize your wants and needs on your wedding day. Now, it’s time to think about choosing an elopement date. There’s way more freedom picking your wedding day when you plan an elopement. Whether you’re planning on just the two of you and an officiant, or you’re bringing a few more people along, you’re less likely to be stuck choosing from Saturdays in the summer when you elope. There is still a lot to consider however! Let’s talk about what those considerations are to make choosing your elopement date a bit easier. 

Elope on a weekday!

Right off the bat, I’m always going to encourage couples to elope on a weekday. No matter the time of year, or the location, weekdays are truly the best for elopements. This is especially important when choosing a location that is really popular. Whether you are booking an AirBNB or hiking to a famous spot, there will be less competition for those places with a weekday elopement. Couples who elope on weekdays will also have more choice of activities to do because of fewer people. Really stoked to go snowboarding after your elopement and want to avoid long lines? They’re bound to be shorter on weekdays. 

Choosing an elopement date on a week day ensures that you will have less people to worry about

Off Season vs. Busy Season

In the wedding industry, there are two kinds of seasons to be considered: the wedding season, and the weather season. Let’s talk about wedding season first. Wedding season is largely considered June to September. Those month’s are going to be the busiest in popular locations, and the most booked out for your favorite vendors. Anything wedding related also tends to be priced higher during these months, simply because the demand is there. Choosing an elopement date outside of these months can save you money and stress. 

Additionally, because wedding season lines up pretty well with summer, outdoor locations are going to be busier. Look outs on famous hikes, and the edges of lakes are likely to be crawling with people. If you are choosing to elope in part because of privacy and intimacy, getting hitched in the off season is a great idea. 

Consider the Scenery

Let’s talk about the other kinds of seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. Ultimately, you should choose the season that is right for you, but there are some important things to consider. For example, if you really want lots of wildflowers for your mountain elopement, late August is your best bet. Are you obsessed with the colors of fall? Let’s book you for September. Remember that in Alberta, November and December are incredibly unpredictable, and the road to your dream location could be closed due to snow. Every season here has so much to offer, but each comes with its own cons to be considered. Decide what you are willing to risk. If a last minute location change isn’t an issue on the chance that you can say your vows on a snow covered mountain top, go for it! But be prepared to change things last minute. 

Part of the beauty of eloping is the flexibility that comes built right in. Last minute changes can be made, and your day can still be absolutely perfect. 

Choosing an elopement date with weather that you will be happy with should be a priority

What do you want to do at your elopement?

We touched on this just a bit, so let’s dive deeper now. Are there any activities you are really excited to incorporate into your elopement? When can you best do those activities? If ice skating in your wedding attire is your dream, the dead of winter is the best choice so there’s no chance of anyone falling through ice. On the flip side, do you want to take a boat ride and jump in for a swim? Make sure you’re picking a date where the sun is likely to be out, and the water warm. 

Picking your time of day

After you’re done choosing an elopement date, you have to choose what time you’ll be saying your vows! When you choose to elope, you get to pick the absolute best time for you, and make sure you get all the photos, and memories that you want for your day. While I think you should absolutely make a day (or a couple days) of your elopement, consider saying your vows either at sunrise, or sunset. When you choose one of these times, you get the absolute best light for photos, avoiding harsh midday sun. Additionally you don’t have to worry so much about the glaring sun in anyone’s eyes. I’m sure you’d rather go without that while saying your vows. 

Choosing an elopement date with a sunset or sunrise time that works for you is important!

Straighten out your priorities

When struggling with choosing an elopement date, start by making a list of what is most important to you. Then consider if any of those things can only happen at a certain time of year. Next, figure out what vendors are absolutely must-haves for you. Get in touch, and see what their elopement availability is. I love getting to shoot elopements year round. Once we’ve got your date pinned down, the planning can really begin. 

No matter what day you choose, I’m committed to helping you have the best elopement possible. Interested in talking with me more about booking your elopement? Learn more about my services here, and get in touch here

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Choosing an Elopement Date

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