Alberta Cabin Elopement | Matt & Alex

The newlywed couple walks through a pasture together after saying their vows for portrait photos with Liv Hettinga Photography.

There’s something really special about announcing your new marriage after you’re already hitched. Keep it all under wraps, and shock the world after the fact. This couple, Matt and Alex, took it to the next level with their cabin elopement in Alberta. Everything about their sweet elopement was intentional, and done with only what they wanted in mind, just like an elopement should be. 

The Couple

An eloping couple shares champagne after their Alberta elopement
Rowing around the lake at their Alberta cabin elopement

Matt and Alex truly have a love story straight from television. They met as attorney and officer, and something clicked right away. With their respective positions however, pursuing a romantic relationship wasn’t an option. Instead, they spent a summer learning about each other as friends. They spent time with each other’s family, and got a beautiful opportunity to fall in love without the pressure of a relationship. Once they were in the clear to pursue a relationship, the rest was history. 

Elopement photography by Liv Hettinga Photography at a private, Alberta cabin elopement

These two have centered their relationship around mutual trust and respect of the already rich lives that they lead before coming together. Alex has a beautiful relationship with Lynkon, Matt’s young son, and stated that watching Matt be a father to his son was what made her fall in love with him. 

Post ceremony portraits by Liv Hettinga Photography at a sweet Alberta cabin elopement

With this being a second marriage for both of them, all the bits and bobs that come with a big, traditional wedding were not high on their list. They wanted a small and simple day to make it official, making a private, cabin elopement perfect for them.

The Venue

A new family fishes at their venue during their private Alberta cabin elopement.
Fishing off the deck after their vows.

Keeping with the elopement theme, Matt and Alex booked an AirBNB in the countryside of Alberta, and made a weekend of it. Complete with fishing, boat rides, and a barbecue, it was the elopement getaway that many couple’s only dream of. 

They eloped! These two said 'I do' in the Alberta countryside.
Alex and Matt A-frame cabin Airbnb Elopement on 2021-07-03 in Irish Country Farm, Hinton, captured by Liv Hettinga Photography.

This sweet little A-frame rental kept them right on the water’s edge with a deck right out the door. It made the perfect spot to say their vows and sign their marriage license. The venue alone would have anyone swooning over the idea of an Alberta mountain elopement. Private, beautiful, and cozy, it can’t be beat.

The Details

Detail photos by Liv Hettinga Photography of a pretty pink dress at an Alberta cabin elopement

Alex had no interest in a big, poofy white dress for her elopement. She opted instead to wear a pink mini dress with a cathedral length veil. A chignon and monochromatic, white bouquet completed Alex’s ensemble and had her looking like she stepped out of a magazine. 

The newlyweds rings on their 'we eloped' sign at this couple's Alberta cabin elopement.

Matt opted to get ready outside under the sky, in a tailored blue suit. Lynkon joined him, getting his own vest and tie on for the ceremony. They spent this special time together, as father and son, before officially adding Alex to their family. 

The Ceremony

Bride and groom read their vows at this sweet Alberta cabin elopement.
A sweet moment with little Lynkon during their vows.

With just their officiant and witnesses in attendance, the couple said their vows in the countryside air. They held Lynkon’s hand, and got on his level while they read. Matt and Alex shared their first kiss with a toddler over one shoulder, and Lynkon snagged his own first kiss as well. 

The bride slides her new husband's ring on his finger at their Alberta cabin elopement.

As with any elopement, what made this day special wasn’t the venue. It wasn’t the dress, or any other detail that they included. What made this cabin elopement so special was the couple that spent this time committing their lives to each other, doing it in exactly the way that they wanted. They snuck away from it all, without telling anyone, and decided together, on forever. In prioritizing the way that they wanted to get married, they told each other once again, how they are the priority in each other’s life. 

Post ceremony bliss! The groom slings his son over his shoulder and laughs with his bride at their Alberta cabin elopement.

As you can see from this day, an elopement can be every bit as epic and magical as any big wedding. But it can still be difficult to make the decision to elope, especially as discreetly as these two have. You don’t have to make the decision alone though! I’m here to help walk you through why you might want to choose an elopement for your day. Get in touch with me here to talk more about why an elopement might be for you.

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Alberta Cabin Elopement | Matt & Alex

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