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Explore How to Elope in Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park is magnificent! It’s one of the biggest national parks in the Canadian Rocky’s, spanning 11,000 km (4,200 sq mi), and one of my favourite places to go with eloping couples. This beautiful place is filled with wildlife, hiking trails, snow-capped mountains, and lakes. As an elopement photographer in the Jasper National Park area, the opportunities to help my couples find seclusion during their elopement are endless!

Why You Should Elope in Jasper National Park

  • Adventure: There is no end to adventure at Jasper National Park! There are endless hiking trails, mountain biking, canoeing, rock climbing, and camping. If you just there for the sights, no problem. Sit at a beautiful campfire and snuggle up to your love with hot cocoa overlooking the lake with the reflection of the mountains on the surface of the water. However you define adventure – Jasper National Park can deliver.
  • Unexpected moments: There is something to see at every turn, making for wonderful, unforgettable moments. The greenery of the forests are filled with magic and something to see at every turn, there are multiple lakes with turquoise water, rocky mountains and cliffs to explore.
  • Wildlife: There are wildflowers and animals everywhere! You might spot some elk, black bears, grizzly bears, and the rare bighorn sheep wandering in the park. The last time I was there, I spotted 6 bears. 
  • Privacy: Every eloping couple in Jasper National Park needs privacy and seclusion. You will find it here. There are ample private areas to say your vows without onlookers, with there being so many kilometers of hiking trails.

When to Elope at Jasper National Park

elopement picnic setup at Bow Lake along the Icefields Parkway on the way to Jasper National Park. White tablescape and floral arrangements.

It is essential you know when you want to elope because of the weather. So, let’s explore the seasons and choose one that is right for you.

Summer and Spring

Summer and Spring are exceptional times of the year to elope in Jasper National Park. There are more activities to do, such as river rafting and mountain climbing, as the ice has most likely melted. Everything is green and beautiful, making it the perfect place for a photo op! The temperature ranges from 10-23 degrees Celsius, and the evenings can get below 0. What is crazy about Jasper is that it can rain, hail, or snow at any time of year! So, don’t forget your coat! 

Winter in Jasper

Winter can get cold, with temperatures averaging –10 degrees Celsius. Jasper National Park in the winter is every winter sports lover’s dream. If you plan to elope in the winter, avoid January because the cold can be unbearable. The busiest time of year for visitors is between June and September, with July and August being the busiest. 

What to Wear and Pack for Your Jasper Elopement

what to wear for your jasper national park elopement, don't forget to pack jackets and sweaters because it cools down in the mornings and evenings

Since temperatures stay quite low throughout the year, there are clothing tips to remember:

  • Sweaters: Bring along a shawl or sweater – especially during a sunrise or sunset elopement. It can still be cold in the early mornings and evenings during the summer.
  • Blanket: A blanket is also recommended so you can snuggle up when it gets too chilly.
  • Thermal underwear: Winter elopements can be cold but oh so beautiful! Bring along skin-colored thermal underwear to keep warm in the snow.
  • Hiking boots: An absolute must during any season.
  • Dresses: If you are wearing a wedding dress, make sure you can move. Can you bend and climb? To get the most out of your elopement photographs, we might do some climbing on big rocks and over logs for the perfect secluded areas. Bring a raincoat in case there is unexpected rain.
  • Water and snacks: Don’t get hangry on your big day! Bring along some water and snacks, such as nuts, fruit, and sandwiches for the long road. Your elopement can last 6-12 hours, and snacks can be a lifesaver.
  • Headlamps: It gets dark before sunrise and after sunset. Headlamps are essential to ensure you stay safe in the dark.

Finding the Perfect Location at Jasper National Park

Mountain Lakeside Elopement at Bow Lake in the summertime. When is the best time to elope in Jasper National Park?

There are so many marvellous places to elope at Jasper National Park. I’m here to help you make the best choice for you! Here are some gorgeous trails around the park. But don’t worry if hiking isn’t your thing, there are multiple gorgeous locations that are easily accessible as well.

Sulphur Skyline Trail

Sulphur skyline trail in Jasper National Park, a perfect place to hike for beautiful elopement pictures

This stunning trail is 8 km long, and the peak will make a beautiful breathtaking elopement location. In addition, you have a view of Fiddle Valley. Sulphur Skyline Trail is an excellent place to elope, and you are guaranteed to get magnificent photographs.

Don’t want to leave your furry pal at home? Then, bring along your dog for the adventure. Just make sure they have a leash on at all times. Soak up your trip by taking a dip in the Miette Hot Springs when you are done with your epic journey. 

Note: There are roads that lead up to the trailhead that can be subject to seasonal closures. These can change according to the latest road conditions, construction on the roads, and season. Read here to find the latest road opening and closing dates. 

Edith Cavell Outlook

This 1.7 km hike is a little more strenuous but totally worth it. You should consider this elopement location if you aren’t eloping with family. Edith Cavell Outlook has thin windy roads, and when you reach the top, you have a magnificent view of three glaciers and the glacial pond. 

Summit Parker Ridge

Summit Parker Ridge is an 8.8 km hike with views of Mount Athabasca, Andromeda, and huge glaciers fed by the Columbia Icefield. You won’t be disappointed with these views, and you are also welcome to bring your dogs along for the journey.

During the spring months, the trail can get muddy from the melting ice. Bring along an extra pair of shoes if you don’t want them to show in your elopement photographs. 

Watchtower Basin

View the spectacular alpine meadow at the start of the 13 km hike. After about 9.6 km, you will reach the Watchtower Basin and get a full 360-view of the surrounding peaks. With beautiful creeks, wildflowers, and mountainous views, you can have the elopement location of your dreams.

Cavell Meadows Trail

This 8.5 km hike on Cavell Meadows Trail is one of the easiest to hike in an alpine meadow. There are magical forests, sweeping panoramic views, and flowery meadows. Your elopement location here has it all! 

Valley of the Five Lakes

valley of the five lakes in Jasper, Alberta, the perfect elopement destination in Jasper National park
**photo taken on my phone

The Valley of the Five Lakes is a phenomenal elopement location! Throughout the 4.5 km loop, you will pass five of the most beautiful turquoise lakes, wooded areas, beautiful valleys of wildflowers, with a mountain view at every turn. It is considered Canada’s natural wonder, and you will agree!

The only downside is that it gets busy here – especially during the summer and spring. So, choose your time wisely before booking your dates.

Leave No Trace

remember to leave no trace when eloping in the mountains. This couple hiked up in Jasper National Park for their mountaintop elopement and made sure to stay on the trails, watch out for wildlife, and pack out what they packed in

Did you know there are only 60 caribou left in the south of Jasper? The environment is precious, and we should respect the wildlife’s existence by leaving no trace. 

  • Firstly, remember to collect all garbage. I suggest packing a small garbage bag and hanging it from your hiking backpack. That way, we keep the environment clean without dirtying your clean items. 
  • Staying on the trails is essential for protecting soil and plant life. 
  • We won’t collect rocks or stack them. You might find horns, fossils, and rare rocks that should be left where they are found. 
  • Let’s face it, we all got to go at some point. There are toilet pits to use, and if none is available when nature calls, dig a small hole to do your business. All tissue paper must be collected in a garbage bag and safely disposed of.

The Legal Mumbo Jumbo – How to Elope in Alberta

Let’s go over everything you need to get legally married at Jasper National Park:

  • Park Permits: You don’t need a parks permit to elope, but you do need to send a request with the location, date, and time to for a reservation. Make sure your dates are flexible should the dates not be available. 
  • Marriage license: You can get your marriage license from the local registry agent’s office, there is no waiting time after applying, and it is valid for three months after it is issued. Remember, you will need to apply together to receive your license. 
  • Age: You need to be 18 years or older. If you are 16-18, you will need a legal guardian to sign consent.
  • Witnesses: You need two witnesses over the age of 18. If you are eloping alone, a vendor or I, your trusted elopement photographer, can sign for you!
  • Officiant: You need to have an officiant registered to perform marriages in Alberta to marry you. Don’t worry! You can hire an Alberta elopement officiant to perform the ceremony. Ask loved ones if anyone is certified to come along for the adventure and be your officiant. 

Are you an international visitor? No problem! You can legally get married in Alberta because there are no residency or citizenship requirements

Accommodation Around Jasper National Park

There are so many amazing places to stay while in Alberta!

The Irish Country Farm is glamping at its finest. This cozy home is located on a creek in the woods with barnyard animals to enjoy. You can get fresh eggs straight from the coop in the mornings! 

Stay in a beautiful rustic-inspired executive suite. Why is this location so fabulous? You get privacy, a stunning view, and only a 5-minute walk to downtown shops, galleries, and restaurants. 

There is nothing like a cabin in the woods to complete your visit to Jasper. This stunning log home is located steps from the Athabasca River, and they are pet-friendly!

Elopement Photographer in the Jasper National Park Area

As an adventure elopement photographer, my goal is to show you how to elope in Jasper National Park in the best way possible and help take the burden of elopement planning off your shoulders. I will help you find the perfect elopement locations, advice on wedding attire, and much more in my elopement planning guides. 

Your elopement photographs are forever, and it is my dream to capture the most intimate moments of a couple’s experience. You deserve to have that moment frozen in time, and I’m here to help get that done!

Visit my site for more information on my elopement photography services! If you want to learn how to elope in Banff National Park, read here!

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Explore How to Elope in Jasper National Park

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