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Cozy in-home session to commemorate your first house

Jana-Lyn and Luke met at Bible college in Saskatchewan. Although it took a few years before they started dating, they eventually hit it off and dated for 7 months before getting engaged on Christmas Eve. They have now been married for 5 years and have their very own dog named Remus.

Jana-Lyn and Luke bought their first house in Saskatoon after being married for 2 years. It was quite the journey to buy it with many ups and downs throughout the process, but when they finally took ownership they were ecstatic to finally have a place of their own!

Like many first homes, it was small and needed some work. The kitchen in particular had an interesting layout, but they loved the charm. Jana-Lyn had wanted to live in a character home since she was a teenager and now her dream finally came true! The kitchen and bathroom had to be completely redone, they also took a wall out in the main living room to make it more of an open concept. When their bed wasn’t able to fit in the main bedroom, they tore down another wall between the two bedrooms. After all the renovations were complete, they were so thrilled with the finished product and it became their happy place. They now had a home, and it was exactly what they wanted it to be with every little detail hand picked together.

After living in their first home for 3 years, Jana-Lyn and Luke decided, with much difficulty, to put it up for sale and move into a place with more room for them to grow. Jana-Lyn, being someone who doesn’t like change, had a very hard time saying goodbye. They decided to book an in-home session with me as a way to commemorate their first little home.

They had so many great memories in their home that they never wanted to forget. All the work they put into it together, the way the space made them feel, how it always felt cozy and warm at the end of a long day. They wanted to remember how excited they were to be able to have their piano fit into their house. But the most meaningful memories to Jana-lyn and Luke were all the morning coffees, dreaming together about where life could take them, and remembering where they had been in their cozy little home. It is such a privilege for me to be able to provide these memories for couples; to document their real life stories so they have images to take them back to the exact moment and remember all the feelings of joy, excitement, and sometimes even sadness.

I asked Jana-Lyn what she loved most about having photos done in their home and this is what she said:

“I LOVED having photos taken in our house. Luke is very photogenic and natural in front of a camera and I always tend to clam up. I think having photos taken at home where I was comfortable, just doing the things I would normally do allowed me to feel at ease, knowing that the photos weren’t forced. 

I have been so grateful to look back on the memories of our house. The photos bring me such joy. We are still working on renovating our new house, so sometimes when I look back at the photos I get a little sad. I miss our perfect kitchen, my claw foot bathtub and the archway in our living room. But they really were the perfect way to end that chapter of our lives to help us move on to what is next.”

cozy in-home session drinking coffee outside on the patio
black and white in-home photography, couple laying in their bed with dog
cozy in-home session, couple snuggling in bed with their dog
couple having a pillow fight on their bed during their in home photoshoot
couple takes pictures inside their home in Saskatoon with exposed brick wall and lots of character and personality
in home photoshoot, pictures in the living room with exposed brick wall, cuddling on the couch
cute in home photos with couple cuddling on the couch, their living room was is exposed brick
couple commemorates their first home together with an in-home photography session. Photo of them cozying up on a loveseat
hipster couple in home photography
in home photo session for a hipster couple in their well decorated home
couple playing piano in their home during their in-home photography session
in-home session, couple dancing in their living room together
dancing in your living room while taking photos to commemorate your first home together
couple and dog portrait during in-home photography session






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Cozy in-home session to commemorate your first house

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